Monday, June 16, 2014

VI. International bonsai exhibition demo Sandor Papp

Sandor Papp was the third demonstrator on the VI. International exhibition in Ljubljana. He worked on two nice Pinus Sylvestris Yamadori from France and I think when you take a look at the photos and his end result there is no need to say much more. Great work from Sandor and his assistant Blaž Jemec. 

I personally like his clear style of Japanese design with lots of feeling for detail very much.

Friday, June 13, 2014

VI. International bonsai exhibition demo Andrea Melloni

Andrea Melloni made three great demonstrations at the VI. International bonsai exhibition in Ljubljana. Next to the excellent work, Andrea was answering a lot of question to the public and showed his great knowledge about the art of bonsai. 

In the first demo Andrea and his assistant Tomaž Hafner styled a Pinus sylvestris. 

First tree before the demo

Andrea Melloni

Andrea Melloni

Tomaž Hafner and Andrea Melloni

First tree after the demo

On the second day Andrea styled one more very interesting Pine. Unfortunately I don't have the photo of the end result of his second demonstration but I hope I will get a photo and publish it later.

Andrea Melloni with his second demo tree

Andrea Melloni

Andrea Melloni

The last demonstration was done together with Vid Novak and one more time an interesting tree with good future was created. 

Andrea Melloni with the  third tree before the demo

Andrea Melloni and Vid Novak

Andrea Melloni and Vid Novak

Pinus sylvestris after the demo

Thursday, June 5, 2014

VI. International bonsai exhibition demo Nik Rozman

Next to the exhibition (for photos from the exhibition click here) there ware of course demonstrations where three demonstrators from Germany (Andrea Melloni), Hungary Sandro Papp) and Slovenia (Nik Rozman) shared the knowledge and styled they trees in front of the public. 

Nik Rozman and his assistant Jože Gros styled an old Taxus baccata which is an urban yamadori and was collected six years ago. 

Taxus baccata before the demo

Nik Rozman

Nik Rozman and Jože Gros

Nik Rozman

Taxus baccata after the demo

Before and after 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Photos from the VI. International bonsai exhibition in Ljubljana

Members of the Slovenian bonsai club organized the VI. International bonsai exhibition which took place in Hotel Mons in Ljubljana. There ware more than 60 trees from Italy, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia in the show. In my opinion the level of the exhibition was on a very good level. 

Japanese garden by Valter Škrabar

There ware live demonstration each day from three artist Nik Rozman (Slovenia), Andrea Melloni (Germany) and Sandor Papp (Hungary). I will publish separate posts from this demonstrations in the next couple of days. Tomaž Kovšca also made a guided tour for the visitors each day.

Tomaž Kovšca made a guided tour for the visitors

In this post I would like to share photos of the trees which ware in the show. Its all about the trees.

Cornus mas by Nik Rozman - Best tree in the show award

Juniper by Tomaž Kovšca - Best tree in the show by visitors choice

Chamaecyparis by Rajko Podgornik Reš - Nomination

Phyilirea angustifloya by Stefano Del Pin - Nomination

Picea abies by Nik Rozman - Nomination

Chamaecyparis pisifera by Natan Petek - Nomination

Carpinus betulus by Roman Balajc

Larix by Rajko Podgornik Reš

Acer palmatum by Marczika Bonsai Studio

Taxus baccata by Marczika Bonsai Studio

Pinus penthaphylla by Janez Oblak

Juniperus by Natan Petek

 Picea abies by Miha Medvešek

Pinus parviflora zuisho by Rajko Podgorik Reš

Juniperus by Rajko Podgornik Reš

Juniperus by Blaž Jemec

Juniperus by Nik Rozman

Betula pendula by Blaž Konec

Azalea by Rajko Podgornik Reš

Ulmus minor by Gino Sorgo

Azalea by Nik Rozman

Azalea by Miha Medvešek

Stewartia by Marczika Bonsai Studio

Thuja by Nik Rozman

Carpinus betulus by Blaž Konec

Olea by Silvio Pianigiani

Chamaecyparis by Miha Medvešek

Carpinus coreana by Rajko Podgornik Reš

Chamaecyparis by Rajk Podgornik Reš

Ficus retusa by Tomaž Kovšca

Pinus pentaphyla by Tomaž Hafner

Juniperus by Rajko Podgornik Reš

Azalea by Nik Rozman

Taxus bacatta by Alessandro Liubich

Juniperus by Tomaž Kovšca

Juniperus by Rajko Podgornik Reš

Ginko by Tomaž Hafner

Tillia cordata by Marija Bogataj

Buxus by Detlef Mostler

Juniperus by Piero Cantu

Azalea by Luca Mazzuchin

Acer buergerianum by Klaus Kulterer

Chamaecyparis by Detlef Mostler

Juniperus by Tilen Petek

Carpinus betulus by Tilen Petek
Azalea by Valter Škrabar

Junperus by Valter Škrabar