Monday, November 8, 2010

Splitted Spruce

The story of this Spruce (Picea Abies) started in 2008, when I brought the tree from the mountains in my garden. The splitted trunk catched my attention and this was the main reason why I decided to start the "cooperation" whit the tree, otherwise it is far away from some serious potential.

2008 - After collection

2008 - After collection

2008 - After collection

In spring of 2010 the spruce showed great vigour and strength so I decided to make the first styling and this is the result.

2010-05 - After the first styling

After this first styling my plan was to make the foilage of the tree more compact and dense. Spruces produce one flush of growth each year. New shoots extend from buds set in the previous year and of course these buds are nearly always at the tips of the branches, so if you like to tidy up the foliage you have to prune the Spruce in the right way.

I used the technique described on this link and the results were quite good.

Three months after the first styling the branches started to grow into the wire so I had to remove the wire. Spruces have a reputation that it is difficult to set the branches into new position and in my experience the branches grow quite strong in one season, so a lot of wiring has to be done before the goal is achieved.

I left the tree without wire for a while and worked only on the dead wood, which is the interesting spot on the tree. In oktober 2010 at the Slovenian bonsai club workshop I gave the tree the second styling.

2010-10 - Curent style

The tree is a bit lower now and it should be much more compact and not so wide, especially on the left side. So next to finding the right pot, this is the plan for the next stages of the development in 2011.