Friday, July 29, 2011

Carpinus Betulus - Update

Sometimes I feel that everything happens so slowly, it all takes to long. The reality is quite different. Every time I look back and analyse the development of a tree, I realize that a step forward was made, but also an opportunity for improvement was missed, a detail was overlooked, a mistake was done, or the right timing for a specific task task was missed.

2010-05 - Carpinus Betulus

The more developed a tree is, the more such errors are becoming apparent. The details are more obvious and disturbing so they have to be changed, eliminated or included in the design in some other way.

2011-07 - Carpinsu Betulus

The Hornbeam definitely made a step forward this year. The left lower branch became incredible thicker in the last 6 months and caught the right side, the primary branches are more or less developed and the ramification improved.

Everything else is still incomplete, and ahead of me. The tree develops at its own pace and does not understand that I do not have as much time as it would need. But when we caught the rhythm all the details will be just right.