Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pinus Mugo Yamadori

This season some new trees joined my collection. One of them is this Pinus Mugo, for now it looks healthy and in good condition so I will take really good care of the tree to assure it stays this way.

Pinus Mugo Yamadori 

Details of the natural dead wood

Some additional details

Styling by nature

Some of the other trees will be posted in the next days.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Before and after package

In the last months I worked on some Junipers and finally I found the time to write a post. First chronologically the most fresh styling. This Juniper started his bonsai career three years ago as a collected urban yamadori. In these three years many bonsai artists left their mark on this tree. The first styling was done in a school session with Ivo Saporiti and Mauro Fregara, then in the next school session I worked on this tree under guidelines of Enrico Savini and at the end with our bonsai group of Tora. We discussed several ideas and different aspects that created the today's image of the tree.

Juniperus Chinesis - 2012-06

At its beginning the Juniper looked quite different and if we continue at a similar pace I think it will eventually become a nice, decent tree.

Juniperus Chinesis - 2009 - 11

Before that Tomaz Rozina trusted me his Juniper for a styling. I realy enjoyed working on this tree with the greatest pleasure. It’s a very small and interesting Juniper so within hours the first makeover was complete and I think that the little Juniper has a nice future as a good, small, dramatic tree. Tomaz thanks for letting me work on the tree.

Tomažs  Juniper before the stlying 

Tomažs Juniper after the styling

Chronologically before that I was able to get a small Juniper from Rajko. The tree was devoted for his classes with students, but since Rajko is a good guy and I had to practice for the NTC I could work on the tree. Next to the tree I got the evaluation of my work, comments t of the transformation, his critical guidance and advices for improvement. Great. In the end it got even better bcs. the tree got a new owner, my Vesna.

Juniper before styling

Juniper after styling

These trees all together fit in a period before and after these years EBA and NTC competition and as the trees improved and changed before and after, the relations whit bonsai friends improved in this before and after period. 

In some way all of our club members helped me with my preparations for NTC. Tomaž devoted lot of his time for my preparation, generously shared his knowledge, I was present at all his demonstrations, where I could practice and learn... Rajko deprive one of his student for a tree and gave me a lot of useful tips and knowledge, Blaž resigned his working table, .... Matej brought an arsenal of bonsai magazines.... Janez lent literature and openly commented on each styling I made ... Tomaž resigned his juniper and allowed me to shape it, .... many members of the Slovenian bonsai club and other bonsai friends left his mark on this season in their own way ....we all developed in our own way as did out trees and all this together means a lot to me. It will mean a lot after as it did before.

That's it, simply and honest!