Saturday, February 16, 2013

Carpinus Betulus next step

I took one next step with my Carpinus Betulus and despite that it develops fast and quite OK in the last years it has still some things which have to be changed in the next step. Its one of the first trees I collected by myself and some kind of my mirror of the learning process. After i styled the tree I analysed it by myself and discuss it with my bonsai friends and the result is a roadmap for improvement of the tree and of course new experience and knowledge. 

Current state of  the tree

The tree was collected in 2010 and each year one development step was done. In the next photo all four stages of development are visible.

Development form 2010 till 2013

The main errors that ware discovered in the analysis proses are the trunk line in the upper part, the strong nebari is ok, but is to linear and can be much more interesting if additional smaller roots will be developed. Of course the  branch structure which is still in a early development stage needs additional time to improve and mature. I like to develop a good branch structure with the natural proportions of size compared to the trunk size, the right narrowing of each branch, the right proportions for primary, secondary,...branches, and of course a mature ramification. So this three things are the main areas on which I will work in the next development stages. And maybe this year the tree will be transplanted in its first pot.

Possible pot from John Pitt