Monday, November 8, 2010

Splitted Spruce

The story of this Spruce (Picea Abies) started in 2008, when I brought the tree from the mountains in my garden. The splitted trunk catched my attention and this was the main reason why I decided to start the "cooperation" whit the tree, otherwise it is far away from some serious potential.

2008 - After collection

2008 - After collection

2008 - After collection

In spring of 2010 the spruce showed great vigour and strength so I decided to make the first styling and this is the result.

2010-05 - After the first styling

After this first styling my plan was to make the foilage of the tree more compact and dense. Spruces produce one flush of growth each year. New shoots extend from buds set in the previous year and of course these buds are nearly always at the tips of the branches, so if you like to tidy up the foliage you have to prune the Spruce in the right way.

I used the technique described on this link and the results were quite good.

Three months after the first styling the branches started to grow into the wire so I had to remove the wire. Spruces have a reputation that it is difficult to set the branches into new position and in my experience the branches grow quite strong in one season, so a lot of wiring has to be done before the goal is achieved.

I left the tree without wire for a while and worked only on the dead wood, which is the interesting spot on the tree. In oktober 2010 at the Slovenian bonsai club workshop I gave the tree the second styling.

2010-10 - Curent style

The tree is a bit lower now and it should be much more compact and not so wide, especially on the left side. So next to finding the right pot, this is the plan for the next stages of the development in 2011.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Juniperus Progetto Futuro - Vision

I need to be patient until the next episode of school Progetto Futuro, which especially in this time of the year is not that easy. During this time I usually dedicate more time for theoretical knowledge, planning the development of my trees, thinking about different design options - ideas and arguing with myself. The good thing about such one-man arguments is that in the end everyone wins and we are both happy.

The period of waiting and training of patience was recently (at least in one project) simplified by Ivo Saporiti from the school Progetto Futuro, who sent me his vision of the final design of my Juniperus Chinensis, on which we worked in the first school session. Ivo thanks for this great design.

Juniperus - Today

10-2010 - Design by Ivo Saporiti

The image of the tree is very clear now, the design is mapped out ... my time and energy will now be focused in making this idea happen..... The first step will take place in March next year..... Until then ... I can’t wait.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Carpinus Betulus - Yamadori - 7 Months

It’s been 7 months after the collection of this Carpinus and it seems that he likes his new home quite well. Numerous new braches ware developed in this short period and he is foul of energy and strength.


In these 7 months I only watered the tree very aggressive and feed it with Organic fertilizer (Plantela Organic).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Progetto Futuro - 1 episode

The long awaited weekend of the first session in the recognized school Progetto Futuro has finally happened. Expectations were very high and at the end the desire for knowledge and new experience have been appeased. But it also has opened many new questions, for which I have to find answers in the next stages.

Ivo Saporiti and Mauro Fregara have fulfilled all my expectations, the level of expertise was really high. The additional excellent company of other bonsai enthusiasts in the group created a really excellent weekend.

The work method is based on the principle of group "brainstorming" on each tree, one day you work on your tree and the other day you observe work of others, has proved to be very good.

My head is full of new information’s ... movement, proportions, techniques, proper wiring, the specifics of each species, points of interest on the tree, the character of the tree, problematic spots, different design options, personal note, a progressive approach to work, roots, live vain,....I need a cigarette... I need the time to analyze this first school session, to summarize the topics, to organize myself, to chew all the information, to ask myself many questions and seek for answers….at the end I will make my conclusions ... and continue.

The Juniper on which I worked showed with the help of the entire group a brand new  dimension, sometimes a surprising image and I believe it is on to right track to become a good bonsai in the future. In spring on the new episode of the school he will get further detail formed crown, detailed design of the deadwood,.....

09-2010 - Before
09-2010 - After
In Spring we will continue... I hope with some new »folders« in my head.

While working and observing the work of other, I completely forgot about the camera so instead of posting a few own pictures I can only post some links of blogs from other participants, where are a few good moments from the first episode of the school.

Nik Art - Progetto Futuro 1.dan

Nik Art - Progetto Futuro 2.dan
Veliko v malem - Futuro
Raje - Šola 1.dan
Raje - Šola 2.dan

Friday, October 1, 2010

Spruce (Abies Picea) - Yamadori

This Abies Picea was collected yesterday with a lot of help of Matija. The tree has at least in my opinion, a great potential, nice Nebari and a strong character. For the orientation of the size - the diameter of the container is 65 cm..

10-2010 - Spruce after collecting

Top of the tree - natural deadwood

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Juniperus Prokumbens Nana - Cascade - Update

The Juniperus cascade is progressing very well. In one year the development is quite obvious. In the next stages of the development I will make the top of the tree more dominant, repot it to a more suitable pot and design the lower branch with some additional movement towards the centre of the tree.


Stages of development from 09-2009 to 09-2010

The first part of the story is available here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Pinus Mugo - Yamadori

This Pinus Mugo joined my colection yesterday. I think the tree has a monster potential and i realy hope it will be ready for the first styling in 2-3 years. 

12-08-2010 - Pinus Mugo 

12-08-2010 - Pinus Mugo other side

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pinus Mugo - Yamadori

My new Pinus Mugo came to my garden from Tora. Im planing to work on this tree at the first sesion of the Progetto Futuro School.

07-2010 - Pinus Mugo 

04-2010 - Pinus Mugo other side

Some useful information about Pinus Mugos:
- Pinus Mugo Indepth
- Hans van Meee - Two Needle Pine Care

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Demo - Enrico Savini

05-2010 - Before the Demo
05-2010 - Analyzing, preparation

05-2010 - Styling of the deadwood
05-2010 - Woring on the foilge
05-2010 - End result of the demo

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Demo - Marek Gajda

05-2010 - Marek Gajda
05-2010 - Starting material
05-2010 - Working on deadwood
05-2010 - Marek Gajda in action
05-2010 - Final touch
05-2010 - End result

Monday, May 3, 2010

Juniperus Prokumbens Nana - Cascade

I found this Juniper (Juniperus Prokumbens Nana) in TORA in 2009 and I decidet to add him to my colection. In the first year I only made some basic branch selection and some first design steps in the direction to the final goal.

06-2009 - Juniper after purchase

07-2009 - After branch selection and cleaning

I then let the tree to rest and only watered it, fed with fertilizer and did some basic pruning.

In spring of 2010 I went to Tomaž Kovšca for an advanced workshop, where we established the first serious form of the tree. Part of the story from the workshop is available on Tomaž-s blog.

03-2010 - Before the workshop
03-2010 - After the workshop

The plan for the next stages is to transplant the Juniper to a higher and narrower pot, and to bring the lower branch more toward the center.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Carpinus Betulus - Yamadori

Today I collected my first serious Yamadori. The Carpinus Betulus has a great Nebari, some movement and at least in my eyes a great potential. With a lot of help form Matija the tree was transported to my garden and I hope it will feel well. The Carpinus is planted in a plastic container (diameter 60cm) with well drained substrate.

The plan for this year is aggresive feeding with organic fertilizer and leaving the tree freely to grow and getter strenght for the first styling.

05-2010 - After collecting

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chamaecyparis Pisifera Bulevard

After the first real contact with the world of bonsai (visit of the beginner course with Thomaž Kovšca) I was full of enthusiasm and looking for a suitable material for the first "serious" work. I found a Chamaecyparis Pisifera Bulevardi) in a nursery near Ljubljana (April 2009), and notwithstanding the fact that this was the purchase of a plain bush I had considerably beginners luck and got a very solid material for the first serious work.

04-2009 - My first starting material

The first design (May 2009) was carried out at the Slovenian bonsai club workshop and with great help of Thomaž Kovšca my tree got its first design.

05-2009 - On the workshop 

05-2009 - The result of the first styling
After the first design I was confronted with many questions that were related to the care of a tree, how to achieve an optimal result for further development, how intensive should I water the tree, should I put the tree in full sun all day or just part of the day, what kind of fertilizer should I use, how often should I use the fertilizer, when and how often should I prune the tree ... a lot of questions with few answers.

Via different forums, articles, discussions with other “bonsai people” I found the answers and the tree developed nice, it survived the winter and in spring it was transplanted into the first bonsai pot (March 2009). Instead of normal soil from the nursery I used a mixture of Akadame (70%) and soil for conifers (30%). Wire from the first design was also replaced because it has already started to grow in the branches.

04-2010 - The tree one year after first styling
The pot is not yet final and will be replaced with a pot that will be wider, lower, and probably non-glazed and oval shaped.