Monday, April 25, 2011

New Pot for my Waterfall

The long-awaited pot for my Junipersu cascade has finally arrived and in the past few days I transplanted my "Waterfall".

The Pot was designed and made by Vladislava Kuratkova and Milan Klika from Prague and in my eyes they made a perfect Pot that harmoniously completes the entire composition.

2011-04 - Juniperus Prokumbens Nana, Cascade (Pot by Klika)

In the next stages I will develop the lower part of the tree that I want to make a little more dominant and design all details of crown.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fagus Sylvatica - Yamadori

The old Beech is finally in my garden. Long six hours of hard work ended with great satisfaction. I hope it will last, grow and live forever.

Matija and Dante thanks for helping me out.

2011-04 - Fagus Sylvatica - Yamadori

2011-04 - Fagus Sylvatica - Yamadori

Trunk close-up

One of many details

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pinus Nigra - Yamadori

I like days like this.

No expectation, without a specific goal, no clear objective. I just joined Tomaz, Natasa and Tomaz while they went to yamadori hunting ... and some combination of circumstances wonted that my collection increases by one new tree…the new Pinus Nigra is in my eyes interesting, twisted, special, whit potential….let’s see.

2011-04 - Pinus Nigra Yamadori

Pinus Nigra

Monday, April 4, 2011

Juniperus "Waterfall"

Today I finally managed to replace the wire and restyle my Juniperus which I named "Waterfall" (Species: Juniperus Prokumbens Nana). I hope that the new pot will arrive on time so I can replant it this season. Apparently it was finished today and will go on his way.... let's see.

My plan, after transplanting the »Waterfall« into the new Pot (I hope the final one), is to refine individual branches, design the last third of the lower branch with all elements and develop the closure of the lower branch into a more dominant one... let's see.

04-2011 - Waterfall - Juniperus Prokumbens Nana
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