Friday, January 29, 2016

Noelanders Trophy 2016

This years Noelanders Trophy is behind us and for me this exhibition is the mile-stone which opens each new bonsai season. Despite the fact that it is a long drive from Slovenia it is more than worth the trip. It is always great to meat old bonsai friends, enjoy the great trees at the exhibition and of course have lots of fun.

Noelanders Trophy entrance

Unfortunately it is still not allowed to take photos of the trees at the exhibition but fortunately Bonsai Empire published a great video which shows a great part of the exhibited trees.

On both days there ware demonstration from established bonsai artists and as soon I will process all the photos I will publish some additional posts with photos from the demonstration.

Next to the exhibition and demonstration stage there was a huge bonsai market with an enormous number of traders (I think the number was 96) who basically offered anything a bonsai enthusiast can wish for.

One of the two huge sales areas

On Sunday Matej arranged for our group a visit in Jean-Paul Polmans garden which is relay amazing. Not only the level of the trees and yamadoris but the whole garden is fantastic.

Jean-Paul Polmans garden

Acer from Jean-Paul Polmans personal collection

 Jean-Paul Polmans personal collection

 Jean-Paul Polmans personal collection

Amazing Juniper
ean-Paul Polmans personal collection

Mugo Pine from Matej Planinc

One of many the yamadoris
in J
ean-Paul Polmans garden

Jean-Paul Polmans personal collection

It was a great weekend, the motivation is here so now we need to speed up the momentum till the new Noelanders Trophy.