Sunday, May 9, 2010

Demo - Enrico Savini

05-2010 - Before the Demo
05-2010 - Analyzing, preparation

05-2010 - Styling of the deadwood
05-2010 - Woring on the foilge
05-2010 - End result of the demo

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Demo - Marek Gajda

05-2010 - Marek Gajda
05-2010 - Starting material
05-2010 - Working on deadwood
05-2010 - Marek Gajda in action
05-2010 - Final touch
05-2010 - End result

Monday, May 3, 2010

Juniperus Prokumbens Nana - Cascade

I found this Juniper (Juniperus Prokumbens Nana) in TORA in 2009 and I decidet to add him to my colection. In the first year I only made some basic branch selection and some first design steps in the direction to the final goal.

06-2009 - Juniper after purchase

07-2009 - After branch selection and cleaning

I then let the tree to rest and only watered it, fed with fertilizer and did some basic pruning.

In spring of 2010 I went to Tomaž Kovšca for an advanced workshop, where we established the first serious form of the tree. Part of the story from the workshop is available on Tomaž-s blog.

03-2010 - Before the workshop
03-2010 - After the workshop

The plan for the next stages is to transplant the Juniper to a higher and narrower pot, and to bring the lower branch more toward the center.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Carpinus Betulus - Yamadori

Today I collected my first serious Yamadori. The Carpinus Betulus has a great Nebari, some movement and at least in my eyes a great potential. With a lot of help form Matija the tree was transported to my garden and I hope it will feel well. The Carpinus is planted in a plastic container (diameter 60cm) with well drained substrate.

The plan for this year is aggresive feeding with organic fertilizer and leaving the tree freely to grow and getter strenght for the first styling.

05-2010 - After collecting