Monday, April 20, 2015

Carpinus Orientalis first styling

This Carpinus Orientalis was collected in 2013 and since then it was in my garden getting used to his new environment. The main focus in the first two years was to develop the root system and make the tree strong and healthy for the first styling. This species is very easy to maintain and develop so it was not a hard task to get the tree to the stage when it was ready for its first styling.

Carpinus Orientalis - 2013
I styled the tree in late winter and because the tree showed sings of vigour I decided to also repot it in early spring.

Carpinus Orientalis - 2015 after first styling

The main reason why I like this tree is the strong nebari which gives a solid base for a good deciduous bonsai. Of course the tree has also some huge errors. The major mistake of the tree are the two big wounds which will need to be closed during the next stages of development and the fact that both trunks are almost the same diameter. 

There are many more issues which needs to be solved during the development. But pluses and minuses are the name of the game when you dealing with yamadori and the fact that you can play with the design and expose the good sides of the tree and improve or even eliminate the bad ones, is something what motivates me in a special way. This is the internal engine which pushes me to always search for new knowledge and techniques.

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