Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From St.Veit to "Waterfall" and back

It is interesting how some events are intertwined, how they develop, or simply just happen ... about two years, four months and three days have passed from my first visit of an exhibition in St.Veit, Austria. At the exhibition Thomaž told me that Rajko is selling a good material for developing a cascade and on the same day, this perspective material drove home with me. A few months later on a workshop we made the first styling with Tomaž and one year later it was transplanted in its first and last bonsai pot. Two days ago, the same tree went back to Rajko where we prepared it with Tomaž for its first exhibition, which will be in three days...where else than in St.Veit in Austria. Logical!

2009-06 - Promising starting material

During all this time, between all these events the cascade made a few kilometers on the road and even more kilometers of development in design and has evolved from a promising material in a pleasing cascade, called "Waterfall".

2011-10 - Waterfall

During this same period, the knowledge of Slovenian bonsaists made a great improvement, we gathered a lot of experience, developed some quite good bonsai and SBK members have achieved some impressive results on high level exhibitions in Europe.

During this two years, four months and three days the ties and relations between people who are dealing with bonsai deepened, there is a lot of good energy, good will, motivation, lots of time and energy is invested, we share knowledge and experience, we have a vision for the future and all that interweaving, all these developments are the reason for a great feeling on this "roller-coaster", the reason to see and feel the development and growth.

When I have a good day and look at the "Waterfall"...I see all this in it... when I have a bad day, I simply look away.

Almost ready - Foto by Tomaž Kovšca

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