Monday, April 20, 2015

Akina Bonsai Center

Last weekend me and Vesna made a small road trip to Akina Bonsai Center in Wallbrzych. We decided to combine the bonsai trip with a little bit of sightseeing and made a stop for two nights in Brno which turned out to be a nice and interesting city.

On saturday morning we met with the owner of Akina Bonsai Center, Piotr Czerniachowski who is a great guy and a fantastic host. His bonsai centre is a part of a very old botanical garden in the city of 

The way through the botanical garden to Akina Bonsai Center

The whole place and especially the bonsai centre is truly amazing and I recommend this place to each bonsai enthusiast who has the opportunity to go there. Especial the ones who are looking to buy good bonsai or pre-bonsai.

Among Piotrs personal collection of private trees there are many good trees for sale of different varieties, quality level and size. Let me first show some photos of Piotrs trees.

Next to Piotrs personal trees there is a good selection of trees for sale. Mainly Acer buergerianum, Azalea, Carpinus coreana, Zelkova, different varieties of Pines and of course Junipers. In the photos below you can see some nice examples.

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