Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Think QandA V0.1. - Why?

Today someone asked me: "Why are you dealing with bonsai?"

Aaaah ... this guy again, what he wants from me this time? OK, basically a very simple question, with a very simple answer ... because I like it, it makes me happy, bla, bla ..

But the guy doesn’t let go and continues: "This is your answer; the only reason is - because U like it?"

Well, and because I want to create something that is alive and constantly evolving, something that never ends, because I like searching for yamadoris in nature, because I get to know different, very interesting people, because it is creative, because I learn a lot, because it’s a area where you never get to the end, because you get used to look at things from a long term perspective, because I learn to be patient, because it relaxes me, because with every tree you create a story that never ends, because this is also a different way of communication, because it is fundamentally interesting, a lot of tradition, modernism, symbolism, mixing of various themes, knowledge, reflection, where several elements create one story....

And he listens to me, laughs and says: "Basically you don’t really know why you're dealing with bonsai, I’m just waiting that you »sell« me some cliché »because it is a way of life."

So today the whole day I’m thinking about this question and at this moment while I am writing this, I came to the conclusion that I still really don’t know why. I enjoy it, that’s clear. But my feeling tells me that there is more, much more, another dimension, a depth which I will try to explore. The curious guy who asked me this question is enjoying this a lot... i wouldn’t care about this if the guy who asked me this question wouldn’t be me. 

What now?

No quick fixes,... so we agreed with the curious guy, that I write all my points of view, reasons, thoughts on my blog, with all additional topics connected to this question... he reads them, raises new questions and we search for answers,...this experimentally behaviour will be named Think Q&A. Lets see....

If someone likes it or is willing to share his points of view….please feel free to share your comments...


Harry said...

Hi Petek,
interesting debate, with a challenging opponent. Your opponent seems to have chosen the rational approach in the debate, which I expect can be continued endlessly by asking 'why' in response to every next answer.

I don't think there is a rational answer to the question(s) asked.
In my opinion and experience bonsai, as many other ways of life, starts with curiosity, followed by basicly never ending learning and 'growing' knowledge ('ratio'). In parallel there is a growing 'feel' and feeling ('craftmanship'), but also more and more space for and input ones own creativity and artisticity ('emotion'). Is this combination unique for bonsai? I don't think so.

So, why bonsai? My first bonsai sensei warned me: if you start with bonsai, you will be infected with an uncurable virus which will not only affect the way you look at trees, but also the way you live your life. And, did my life change? I guess it did, slowly and thoroughly, outside and inside.

The question remains: was this change of life caused by bonsai or was starting bonsai the consequence of my change of life? Probably both. Is it important to know? In my opinion it is not important at all. It is far more important to enjoy the bonsai way of life, and experience the 'flow' state of mind while working with them.

best regrds,

Unknown said...

Hi Harry.

Thanks for your comment. You have a very interesting point of view.

I think you are right...there is no rational answer to all this questions. For shore this is the key to "The Answer".

I even don’t know if it’s important to know the answer, but I’m shore that all this questions and seeking for answers and understanding, helps me to enjoy this even more.

Best Regards,