Saturday, January 21, 2012

Noelanders Trophy 2012 - first impressions

Today was a great day and I would like to share the first impressions from this year’s Noealanders Trophy. For the beginning I’d like to show some trees that made the strongest impression on me and are great by my personal taste. 

will be much more to follow in the next posts.

Pinus Sylvestris - David Benavente

Juniperus Chinesis - Luis Vallejo

Taxus - Mauro Stemberger

Abies Picea - Nicola Crivelli

Pinus Densiflora - Mario Komsta

Carpinus Turczaninovii - German Gomez

Juniperus chinesis Itoigawa - Mauro Stemberger

Juniperus Chinesis - Nicola Crivelli

Juniperus Sabina - Vaclav Novak

Cretaegus monogyna - Hans Van Meer

Juniperus chinesis Itoigawa - Andrea Melloni

Olea Europaea Sylvestris - Gabriel Romero Aguade

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