Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Noelanders Trophy 2012 - Demo by Vaclav Novak

Vaclav Novak (CZ) is a well-known bonsai artist with a long bonsai history which started back in 1982 at a lecture from Mr. Hideo Kato from Japan. Now he is the one who is sharing his knowledge, making demonstrations and spreading the inspiration for new bonsai artists around Europe.

At this year’s Noelanders Trophy he made two demos, but unfortunately I only managed to see his work on the second day when he was working at a Juniperus Sabina.

Vaclav Novak and his assistant analyzing the starting material

The position of the tree was changed 

Vaclav Novak 
Vaclav Novak working on final details

End result of the demonstration
Juniperus Sabina styled by Vaclav Novak

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