Tuesday, November 15, 2011

End of the season - Yamadori and workshop in Croatia

This season has been very interesting, lots of things happened, new knowledge and experience have been acquired, my collection of trees is bigger and quite a few trees had made a good step forward with the development. Overall it was a good season.

So as the year unfolds it is also coming to the end. The last days have been quite intense, and more than interesting. For the beginning of the end of the season my collection was completed with a new very interesting spruce (Abies Picea).

11-2011 - Spruce (Abies Picea) - Yamadori

On Friday I joined Janez and Matej on a yamadori trip. It was great, good discussions, beautiful nature, lots of laughter and much too fast walking (I seriously thought about quitting smoking :)). Excellent company has been the main reason that time has gone by a little too fast, but for my consolation a nice larch (Larix Decidua) yamadori joined my collection.

11-2011 - Larch (Larix Decidua) - Yamadori

Saturday and Sunday also passed in a blink. The Croatian bonsai club as a branch of Tora organized a workshop and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to help Tomaz Kovšca in this two-day workshop.

First part of the workshop was theoretical

After the theoretical part of the workshop we started with practical work on the trees. On the first day I helped wiring Željkos spruce, which was later styled by Tomaž and got his first new appearance. On the second day I helped Nikolaj to work on his juniper. Both days ware incredibly fun.

Tomaž Kovšca working on a Pinus Mugo

Željkos Spruce before the workshop

Željkos Spruce after the workshop

Dean working on his nice Pinus Mugo

I will remember this workshop by two things. First, a lot of wiring and secondly by a great group of colleagues from Croatia, a group that has a strong energy, a group full of enthusiasm and I really hope that I have a chance of meeting them again.

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