Monday, January 23, 2012

Noelanders Trophy 2012 - part II

After the long drive home the head is a bit more organized but still it is hard to process all the impressions form the Noelanders Trophy exhibition. All this great trees, all demos and the discussions with my colleagues about bonsai made this weekend unforgettable.

Of course it’s fair to show the awarded trees first.

Noelanders Trophy 2012 Winner - Juniperus by Luis Vallejo

Nomination - Pinus Sylvestris
by David Benavente

Nomination - Salix Babilonica - Simon Temblett
Nomination - Abies Picea - Nicola Crivelli

Nomination - Carpinus Turczaninovii
by German Gomez

Nomination - Fagus Sylvatica by David Barlow

But it would be unfair not to show all the other great trees from the exhibition. Looking at them its obvious that the judges had a really  hard job picking the best six  trees from this huge competition.

Taxus - Mauro Stemberger
Pinus Densiflora - Mario Komsta
Juniperus chinesis Itoigawa - Mauro Stemberger
Olea Europaea Sylvestris
Gabriel Romero Aguade
Juniperus Chinesis - Nicola Crivelli
Juniperus Sabina - Vaclav Novak
Juniperus chinesis Itoigawa - Andrea Melloni
Querkus Rubra - Mauro Stemberger

Acer Buergerianum - Jorg Derlien

Acer Palmatum - Xavier Dreux

Pinus Mugo - Christian Vos

Ulmus Procera - Reg Bolton

Pistacia Lentiscus - Andrija Zokic & Marija Hajdic

Acer Sieboldianum - Udo Fischer

Taxus Cuspidata - Josef Valuch

Carpinus Betulus - Ralf Beckers

Kiwiboom (Actinidia Arguta) - Joel Pouzet

Picea Glehni - David Hannah

Taxus Baccata - Richard Chambers

Cretaegus monogyna - Hans Van Meer

Artificial replica

I think there are no additional words needed to describe this exhibition, next to the photos of the trees maybe only this two photos complete the story.


Xavier said...

Thanks to have post a picture of my maple "momiji_san".

Unknown said...

Hi Xavier. I think your maple was one of the most elegant trees on the show.