Monday, November 7, 2011

Progetto Futuro with Enrico Savini

I spent this weekend in Progetto Futuro school, where I worked and learned as a second-year student for two days under the guidance of Enrico Savini and his assistant Tommaso Triossi. The main theme of this session was Pines and after an interesting theoretical part of the class, we started with the practical part of the school session and worked on our trees.

Theoretical part

The knowledge level of this session was a bit higher than usual so I gathered a lot of new information and practical advice but most of all I realized that when you think you know a little something, you quickly realize that this is so little, almost nothing, that it is such a small fraction of the whole picture….there is truly a lot to learn.

I worked on my Pinus mugo, which has been styled for the first time. At this stage, the tree was designed only to a degree where the primary form is shaped, the first idea of the style with the possibility of some minor changes is done and the development took the health of the tree in consideration as the most important thing.

Pinus Mugo before the styling

Enrico Savini and his "magic hands"

Some branches, which will no longer remain on the tree in the final design stayed as an aid to absorb the energy for the most important branches. The tree is shaped to a level which is safe and good for the health of the tree. In the next development stages the dead wood will be further developed, the structure of the secondary branches, the design will get a more detailed definition of the structure and so on…similar as gathering the knowledge the development will need a lot of additional time.

Pinus Mugo after the first styling

For the end of the post I like to share some pictures of trees from other participants, who are already in more mature stages of development and have transformed remarkable in this school session.

Pinus Mugo before (Nik Rozman)
Pinus Mugo after (Nik Rozman)
Pinus Sylvestris after (Blaž Jemec)

Pinus by Rajko Podgornik Reš before
Pine after (Rajko Podgornik Reš)

It was great....

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