Thursday, April 11, 2013

Prunus Mahaleb next step

This Prunus Mahaleb was collected by myself and last year I styled it for the first time. This spring, if we can call it spring,  it was time to make the text step. 

I was working on the deadwood, branch structure and transplanted the tree in a new pot (not a final pot).

2011-03 - Prunus Mahaleb (Yamadori)
starting matetrial

2013-03 - Prunus Mahaleb (Yamadori)
after the second styling
The tree is developing quite fast. Of course the branches need a couple of additional years to develop and mature, I need to find the right pot, the apex has to be developed,.... but for now I’m happy with the progress. There is only one thing which is bothering me more and more and this is the inverse taper  issue in the lover part of the trunk. So this will be one of the areas where I  will look for solutions to solve this problem.

Result of the deadwood styling

Result of the deadwood styling

Result of the deadwood styling


Rasťo Moravčík said...

Hi Roland,
nice trunk movement and deadwood styling. What are you planning to do with the inverse taper in the lower part of the trunk? Airlayer the tree, or make an uro ?
Wish you luck with it...

Unknown said...

Hi Rasto.
Thanks for your comment, im glad you like the deadwood styling:).

At the moment I think I will solve the inverse taper issue with airlayering at the strongest part of the trunk, but im not sure jet.

Airalyering is a more risky technique as making a uro with more deadwood on the trunk but i think the tree would gain on additional quality with will see:)

Thanks, Roland