Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two day package

The last two days were quite by my taste. The "two day custom package« consisted of one day strolling around the Kras region and one day participation at the workshop organized by the SBK (Slovenian bonsai club) ... such a combination of good people and trees cant be bad.

The tour true the Kras region was as always a little tuff, very nice, even windier and above all very interesting. Matija, Dante and I spent a great day ... of course the main reason was search for yamadoris ... but about that one other time….collection time..

The second day passed at a workshop which was organized by SBK in a nice, small village Šampas. First some chit-chat, than some protocol and finally work on trees... individual, sometimes together, most of deciduous trees, others on for everybody.

Several trees on the workshop have very good potential ... the results depends on time, knowledge, effort, vision, talent and both souls .....the soul of the tree and the creator.

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