Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Red Paradise

Today, the day began quite normally. Morning routine, work in the office, tasks, e-mails, phones and similar stuff ... until one click from Tomaz on FB it seemed to be a normal working day,...but a couple of minutes later I set in the car withTomaž with the route to the 'Red Paradise' . At the beginning of the trip we were exploring new ground, which did not meet our expectations, then Tomaz replaced the coordinates and we went to his hunting ground for "red pines".

After a few meters of climbing and Tomaz-s unexpected stunt, which I caught somewhere between the first and second down hill rattle... (It was a happy ending and I hope there are no serious injuries) ... we arrived in the Red paradise. The route was unkind, steep, rocky, sandy, raw, basic ... such as it should be to find the right material ... and after some additional climbing Tomaz found his red treasure ... as spontaneously as the trip started the name of the really great finding came from Tomaz.... “The mother of all red pines”

A great day ended soon ... the new season begins, in the next days new work, workshops, training, search for answers, the accumulation of experience will begin...the start is very good ... for me to.... on a previous trip I also found my material of the season ... “Grandmother of all beeches”.

Fagus Sylvatica Yamadori

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