Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eda Uchi Kai Bonsai Ten 2013

Eda Uchi Kai Bonsai Ten 2013 which was held in Diepenbeek, Belgium is over, but the nice memories about this special and truly great event will remain for a long time. It was a great organized two day event which had everything a bonsai enthusiast could wish for. For starters a famous Pine which was exhibited at the Kokufu Ten welcomed the visitors at the entrance.

Next to the exhibition of trees  lectures ware held and demos ware taking place all the time. Ritta and Mark Cooper had a great lecture and demonstration about Kusamono and Shohin trees. 

Ritta Cooper

Ritta Cooper

Tony Tickle was making a fantastic lecture about the Hawthorns and presented the whole amazing development story about his well known Hawthorn.

Tony Tickle

Tony Tickle

Great demo's ware made by Enrico Savini from Italy, Viriato Oliveira and Márcio Meruje from Portugal and François Jeker from France.

Enrico Savini and Paolo Gianlirenzi

Result of the demo form Enrico Savini and Paolo Gianlirenzi

Viriato Oliveira and Joana Cardona

Márcio Meruje

François Jeker

One of the most interesting parts of the exhibition ware the guided tours made by Mario Komsta who commented each single tree shown in the exhibition.

Mario Komsta

Mario Komsta

Then of course there are the trees which ware exhibited. Some of the trees, which were show in well prepared tokonomas, ware simple amazing, breath taking. I have never ever seen such high level trees as some trees in this exhibition.

More photos of this Pine from Mario Komsta are available here.

More photos of this Carpinus from Mario Komsta are available here.

More photos of this Juniper from Mario Komsta are available here.

More photos of this Styrax from Jean Paul Polmans are available here.

This tree was one of the special ones in the expo. The owner developed this tree from seed and it took him 28 years of patient and skilled work to develop such nice tree.

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