Monday, November 4, 2013

European Hornbeam

This European Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus)  is with me since spring 2010 when I collected it from nature.  

2013-11 - European Hornbeam

While looking back for the the last three and half years the tree developed surprisingly fast and I'm pleased with the current image of the tree. The last two images show from where we started our journey

2010-2 - Carpinus Betulus before collection

2010-3 - Carpinus Betulus starting material

The main goal of the development stages in the last three and half years was to develop the basic branch structure with the right branch proportions. After the main branches have thickened enough it is time to transplant the tree into a smaller pot so next spring the tree will be repoted in a pot nice from John Pitt. 

Pot made by John Pitt

After the tree will be repoted I will start work on the refinement of the branch structure and some additional improvements. If everything goes as planed the tree will be exhibition ready in a couple of years.

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