Sunday, November 17, 2013

SBK Workshop "Autumn Leaves"

A group of members of the Slovenian bonsai club from the Primorska region organized a very nice club workshop and a small club exhibition. The atmosphere was very good, we worked, we exchanged knowledge and experience, we had fun and most of all enjoyed the trees and great company.

Pinus Sylvestris - Tomaž Kovšca

Querkus - David Gregorič

We worked on Junipers, different Prunus Mahaleb, Taxus and Acer Campestre in very different development stages. 

I worked on my Prunus Mahaleb which was wired again and some deadwood at the left bottom part of the tree was styled for the first time.

Prunus Mahaleb - before the workshop

Prunus Mahaleb - after the workshop
The day passed in a blink of an eye and right before dusk we went back home with a happy smile on our faces.

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