Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NITRA 2012

Nitra is a unique event. Basically it is a Slovak national bonsai exhibition, which the amazing organizers and hosts Alenka and Vladimir Ondejčik managed magically to transform into a really unique event.

Here are a few statistics of otherwise a complete non-statistical event. Around 300 trees, ranging from simple hobby level to hi quality bonsai from professionals ware exhibited for three days. A very rich accompanying program was presented each day all day long. A part of the program ware of course bonsai demos from demonstrators from three continents: Jose Jimenez Anastasio (Mexico), German Arrellano (Colombia), Rui Ferreira (Portugal), Xec Fernandez (Menorca), Bernie O 'Callaghan (Namibia), Andrea Melloni (Germany), Marek Gajda (Poland), Thomas Kovšca (Slovenia), Vladimir Ondejčik (Slovakia), Stefan Steininger (Austria), Johannes Krelovec (Austria) and Karl Thier (Austria). Each day around 10.000 people visited the scene. But most important thing is impossible express statistically. The incredible attention and hospitality of both hosts, which can be felt by everyone involved at every step, is what makes the even so special and unique.

Xec Fernandez (Menorka)

 German Arrellano (Columbia)

The hosts Alenka and Vladimir
with the Slovak president

Rui Ferreira (Portugal)

Bernie O"Callaghan (Namibija), his asistent
(left side) and the Slovak translator

Tomaž Kovšca and German Arrelano from Columbia

Jose Jimenez Anastasio (Mexico)

Marek Gajda (Poland)

Demonstrations were held all three days. All demos ware good but I will certainly forever remember Bernie O 'Callaghan from Namibia, which demonstrated for me a complete new concept. Hi made a tree based on natural forces that exist in their natural environment in Namibia. His tree was styled in a special way; it was turned over by an elephant. How cool is that? The other demonstrators each left their marks in their own way. Thomas Kovšca from Slovenia was making a demo in a yamadori Spruce (Abies Picea) and I was more than happy to assist him in the demo.

Spruce (Abies Picea) starting material

Spruce (Abies Picea) after the demo

Andrea Melloni form Germany made a demo on an interesting Juniper (Juniperus Sabina) and showed a very impressed work with nice end result.

Junipersu before the demo

Juniperus after the demo by Andrea Melloni

The prize for the best tree of the exhibition deservedly got Andrea Melloni for its red pine (Pinus sylvestris).

Pinus Sylvestris - Andrea Melloni
Best tree of the show award

Juniperus - Tomaž Kovšca

Quercus Pubescens - Karl Thier, Silvia Wiedl

Larix Decidua - SUIBON Marso 

Tilia Cordata - Karl Thier, Silvia Wiedl

Pinus Parviflora - Herbert & Barbara Obermayer

Ulmus Parvifolia - Heinz Leitner

Juniperus Virginiana - Marek Gajda

Juniperus Virginiana - Jacek & Marta Pietakiewicz

Taxus Baccata - Erik Tomko 

Juniperus Virginiana - Jacek & Marta Pietakiewicz 

Juniperus Itoigawa - Andras Koos

Pinus Parviflora - SUIBON Schreiner

Olea Oleaster - Heinz Leitner

Juniperus  Itoigawa - Jana Jandaskova Sonja

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