Monday, April 9, 2012

Juniperus repotted

I work a bit more than two years on this juniper and now finally the time for repotting in it’s first pot has come. It is interesting what a great step in the development of a bonsai it is when you repott it in the bonsai pot. Somehow I feel that now when it’s in the pot a whole new dimension of the feeling of working on has opened. All mistakes and details popped-out and a whole new image of further development comes together.

Juniperus in the new pot -  front side
Left side
Right side
Back side

When the Juniper gets used to the new pot and shows signs of a successful repotting I will address the details and start working on further development. The crown will be more non-linear, left side slightly extended,..

The appearance alone is not satisfied yet, but I am much happier with the development. Three years ago the juniper looked like this.

Juniperus - 2009-11

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