Monday, October 17, 2011

5. Alpe-Adria exhibition in St. Veit

This weekend many members of the Slovenian bonsai club participated at the Alpe Adria exhibition which was held in the nice and very charming town called St. Veit in Austria. There were 5 trees from Slovenia next to around 100 trees that came from different clubs from Austria, Italy and Germany. The exhibition was nicely organized, the atmosphere was very nice and next to the exhibition workshops were also held by representatives of individual clubs. Most of the workshops ware led by the Italian instructor Adriano Bonini, who also reviewed and selected the award winning trees.

For me it was an exhibition premiere, since it was the first time for me to exhibit one of my trees and somehow I cannot imagine a more pleasant start. I spent two beautiful days in excellent company of my bonsai friends and my family Vesna Tilen and Natan. Our bonsai club has achieved a nice success and we received a total of four awards.

Niks Thuja received the first prize selected by the audience, as well Niks Korean hornbeam, received the award in the category of medium-sized tree, Tomažs juniper received the award in the category of large trees and my cascade juniper "Waterfall" received the price for the best tree at the exhibition.

For the final touch before the end of the exibition my son Tilen responded to the invitation of the organizers, gathered the courage and walked to the podium to help with the draw of the prices for visitors who participated in the audience price award. Simply great, what more do I want?

Thuja - Nik Rozman

Juniper - Tomaž Kovšca

Chemachiparis - Miha Medvešček

Korean Hornbeam - Nik Rozman

My Juniper cascade "Waterfall" 

My son Tilen after the draw of awards for the visitors.
Tilen you ware very brave and made your Dadi proud :)

However there is more. The story of my "Waterfall" means much more to me, it is a story of trust between teacher and student, it is a story that started a bit more than 2 years ago in St. Veitu where Tomaž Kovšca selfless told me that he knows about a good stating material which is on sale, it is a story where Tomaž as the teacher an me as a student made the first styling of this on a workshop, two years later, just before the exhibition Tomaž and me again prepared the final touches on the tree and prepared it for the first exhibition, it is a story about the transfer of knowledge and experience, it is a synergy of tree, teachers and students ... thank you Tomaž for all this.

And above all, it is necessary to continue the good work at the club level. Already in the previous post I have touched on this theme, the good energy, the rising quality of knowledge, a good potential among the members and the trees that we have. I really hope that we will continue on this trip as a team that we are.

That’s it, enough of writing…lets enjoy some of the trees from the exhibition, its all about the trees:

P.S.: Nik thanks one more time for the table :)

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