Sunday, March 6, 2011

Progetto Futuro - 2 Episode

Finally it happened again.

The second session of the Progetto Futuro School was my main occupation for this weekend. The expectation ware high again, my had is not as full as it was the first time, but the school session was great and one additional step to new knowledge and experience is done. I learned a lot again and next to this I realized that after the easy basic steps it is getting harder and harder and on the other hand more and more interesting.

First we started with some theoretical knowledge, after that we discussed several design possibilities and then we started to work on our trees. The instructor Ivo Saporiti and his assistant Mauro Fregara teached me a lot again. The weekend was really great or as Ivo and Mauro would say: »Good Job«.

I worked on my Juniperus and I think, that from the first styling, the next step of development in the right direction is done.

03-2011- Juniperus

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