Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Progetto Futuro - 1 episode

The long awaited weekend of the first session in the recognized school Progetto Futuro has finally happened. Expectations were very high and at the end the desire for knowledge and new experience have been appeased. But it also has opened many new questions, for which I have to find answers in the next stages.

Ivo Saporiti and Mauro Fregara have fulfilled all my expectations, the level of expertise was really high. The additional excellent company of other bonsai enthusiasts in the group created a really excellent weekend.

The work method is based on the principle of group "brainstorming" on each tree, one day you work on your tree and the other day you observe work of others, has proved to be very good.

My head is full of new information’s ... movement, proportions, techniques, proper wiring, the specifics of each species, points of interest on the tree, the character of the tree, problematic spots, different design options, personal note, a progressive approach to work, roots, live vain,....I need a cigarette... I need the time to analyze this first school session, to summarize the topics, to organize myself, to chew all the information, to ask myself many questions and seek for answers….at the end I will make my conclusions ... and continue.

The Juniper on which I worked showed with the help of the entire group a brand new  dimension, sometimes a surprising image and I believe it is on to right track to become a good bonsai in the future. In spring on the new episode of the school he will get further detail formed crown, detailed design of the deadwood,.....

09-2010 - Before
09-2010 - After
In Spring we will continue... I hope with some new »folders« in my head.

While working and observing the work of other, I completely forgot about the camera so instead of posting a few own pictures I can only post some links of blogs from other participants, where are a few good moments from the first episode of the school.

Nik Art - Progetto Futuro 1.dan

Nik Art - Progetto Futuro 2.dan
Veliko v malem - Futuro
Raje - Šola 1.dan
Raje - Šola 2.dan

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