Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Juniperus Progetto Futuro - Vision

I need to be patient until the next episode of school Progetto Futuro, which especially in this time of the year is not that easy. During this time I usually dedicate more time for theoretical knowledge, planning the development of my trees, thinking about different design options - ideas and arguing with myself. The good thing about such one-man arguments is that in the end everyone wins and we are both happy.

The period of waiting and training of patience was recently (at least in one project) simplified by Ivo Saporiti from the school Progetto Futuro, who sent me his vision of the final design of my Juniperus Chinensis, on which we worked in the first school session. Ivo thanks for this great design.

Juniperus - Today

10-2010 - Design by Ivo Saporiti

The image of the tree is very clear now, the design is mapped out ... my time and energy will now be focused in making this idea happen..... The first step will take place in March next year..... Until then ... I can’t wait.

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