Monday, September 9, 2013

Giareda 2013

This weekend a great event took place - Giareda 2013. The event is organized by the Helen Club Bonsai in cooperation with the Progetto Futuro Bonsai School and was simply great. Two days of work on trees in small groups, demonstrations from instructors and an exhibition combined with lots of fun and party. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed, it was like a big happy family gathering.

Nik, Janez, Matjaž (Modri), Vid and me participated at the event and worked together on two trees, one Spruce and one Mugo Pine (unfortunately I don't have the final images of the trees and will post them latter). Both trees received a nice first styling and we received a big package of fun. 

In the exhibition some good trees ware on display. From Slovenia only Nik was exhibiting two trees in very creative and nice compositions and received second price for his nice juniper composition. Congratulations Nik :)

Nik-s. price wining Juniper

Nik-s second creative composition

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