Sunday, June 2, 2013

International Bonsai and Kusamono Exhibition Hallein 2013

This weekend a nice bonsai event was held in Hallein near Salzburg. Unfortunately the only thing that is not possible to control, nature, made it shorter than planed and the organizer had to end the event earlier than planed. The strong rain in the Salzburg region in the last days, resulted in huge floods which was the reason that the truly nice and cosy event was cancelled on Sunday and the building had to be evacuated. I truly hope that there will not be to much damage for the organizer and the nice old city. 

Despite of the enormous weather damage, where i hope that life will get back to normal as soon as possible, the event was a success. A nice collection of bonsai, kusamono and suiseki was presented, some interesting lecturers ware held, Andrea Melloni made a good demo, many visitors came to the event, there was also a huge sales area and the whole atmosphere in the old building, which is and very old salt warehouse, was really special.

Three members of the Slovenian bonsai Club exhibited three tree, some additional members visited the exhibition, our family's ware with us and if weather would not spoil the event in such unhappy manner, I would say we had a really great time. Unfortunately the sad feeling because what  has happen to the organizer and the people who live there cant be erased, but I wish and hope that the flood will be forgotten and many nice memory's from the event will stay.

Stunning Juniperus by Tomaž Kovšca

Great Juniperus by Nik Rozman

Junperus - Roland Petek

Juniperus Chinesis - Clemens Marso

Cedrus - Hikari Bonsai School

Larix Decidua - Wolfgang Putz

Picea Abies - Andreas Holzer

Zelkova Nire - Heinz Leitner

Prunus Mahaleb - Karl Thier

Larix Decidua - Hans Weh

Ulmus Parvifolia - Jurg Stahell

Pinus Sylvestris - Georg Franer

Pinus Parviflora - Reinhard Plabst

Tilia Cordata - Karl Thier

Crataegus - Sepp Hofer

Quercus Cerris - Karl Thier

Carpinus Betulus - Jurg Stahell

Shohin composition - Bonsaiclub Brixen

Acer Buergerianim - Gerda Ramoser

Pinus Mugo - Helmut Bachmann

Quercus Cerris - Hermann Hagmann

Juniperus Chinesis - Hikari Bonsai School

On the way home we made a stop in the Bonsai Museum near Seeboden and all I can say, I recommend the visit. 


Unknown said...

Very beautiful amazing bonsai plants

Unknown said...

Very beautiful amazing bonsai plants