Tuesday, May 15, 2012

EBA 2012

The European Convention, which was organized by the Slovenian bonsai club is over. The feelings are mixed, but at the end of the day it is important to pick up the positive things, learn something from that, make common conclusion and move on.

The event as such was successful in all aspects. More than 1,000 visitors came to the exhibition with 90 trees from 11 European countries. The majority of the visitors and participants went home satisfied. The demonstrators worked for two days almost full time on stage and shared their knowledge with the public. They created some really amazing trees, which will eventually become good bonsai.

Prva nagrada EBA 2012 - Juniperus Itoigawa by Gino Costa 

EBA 2012 Award of Merit - Juniperus Itoigawa by Nik Rozman

EBA 2012 Award of Merit - Pinus Parviflora by David Busai
EBA 2012 Award of Merit -
Chamaecyparis Malus by  Ruud Simons

EBA 2012 Award of Merit - Fagus Sylvatica by 

Celtis Sinesis by Rajko Podgornik Reš

Pinus Pentaphylla by Tomaž Hafner

Juniperus Chinesis Itoigawa by Tomaž Kovšca

Fagus Sylvatica by Aleš Zavodnik

Rhododendron Indicium by Nik Rozman

Juniperus Procumbens Nana
by Roland Petek

Chamaecyparis Pisifera Bulevard by Roland Petek

Ginkgo Biloba by Tomaž Hafner

Pinus Parviflora Kokonoe by Sandor Papp

Olea Europeaea by Andrea Brasini

Taxus Cuspidata by Giorgio Castagneri

Taxus Cuspidata by Luigi Maggioni

Creategus by Tony Tickle

Juniperus Itoigawa by Gardini Ettore

Quercus Ilex by Fabrizio Petruzzello

Pinus Thunbergii by Mario Pavone

Juniperus Itoigawa by Andreay Koos & Eve Koosne Lelkes

Olea Europaea by Luca Bragazzi

Pinus Sylvestris by Baudouin Delorgeril

Pinus Sylvestris by Baudouin Delorgeril

Juniperus Formosana by Josef Valuch

Fagus Sylvatica by Vaclav Novak

Pinus Syvestris by Jan Bučil

Taxus Cuspidata by Walter Schreiner

Pinus Mugo by Herbert Aigner

Larix Decidua by Karl Thier

Juniperus Chinensis - Clemens Marso

Pinus Perviflora by Jeffrevan de Pol

Rhododendron Indiciium by Casper Den Ouden

All in one it was good. In two days I intensely experienced expectations, joy, tension, nervousness, disappointment, sadness, fun, joy, excitement and tiredness but in the end only satisfaction remained. My main conclusion at the end of this event is as follows. At the end of such days only one thing matters - Bonsai. Everything else is not important; everything else is juts irrelevant ballast and a barrier for what it’s all about: "How to create good bonsai, make true friendships and have fun."

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