Thursday, March 8, 2012

Unusual Prunus Yamadori

Finally the first collecting day of the season happened. In the last couple of weeks we were searching for material. Today finally Janez, Matej, Tomaž and me found the time to jump on a quick collecting trip. We all knew which trees we will collect and after a couple of hours we all went home happy.

My first new yamadori of the season is a bit unusual, strange, but from some reason it cached my attention and now it’s in my garden. It’s an old and very tired Prunus Mahaleb which experienced all possible hard to survive natural influence. Somehow it’s still alive, struggling and fighting for who knows how many years. 

Prunus Mahaleb - Yamadori

Close-up of the trunk

Now it will have better living conditions and while it will gather new strength I will analyze it, make plans for the design and I know that it will be lots of fun and it will turn in an unusual beauty.

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