Monday, February 27, 2012

Dead Wood with Progetto Futuro

This weekend was again marked by the school Progetto Futuro. The theme for this school session was "dead wood", which is certainly the weak point of many bonsai. Dead wood for some reason is a design element for which I hear many times: "Well only the dead wood is not completed yet." Somehow, this element is getting less attention than other design element.

Whatever are the reasons for this, it does not matter, what matters is that this weekend I realized how complex, challenging and important the creation of "dead wood" is if we want to make really convincing quality bonsai.

The creation of dead wood is like most things in bonsai specific for each tree species, basically it adapts the natural characteristics of the tree and has to fit to the overall design of the tree. There are many different techniques, from handmade techniques with tools, to usage of grinding, drilling, and all kind of other machines. It is definitely a very wide area of techniques and specific tricks that speed up the image that would otherwise be achieved through nature in a longer period.

Enrico Savini

The school session was led by Enrico Savini and his assistant Tommaso Triossi. So knowledge was certainly not lacking, the will to learn was strong, the company has been excellent as always and the trees ware good. All conditions for a successful school session have been met and a great weekend is behind us.

Vid, Enrico and Modri

Team work

Tomaž working on his Juniperus

Tomaž with his Taxus

Blaž cleaning the live vain at his Juniperus


Nik working on his Taxus

Tommaso and Vid

Janez with his excellent Pinus Mugo

Matej completely concentrated

Enrico Savini

After two days of work I gained lots of new knowledge, new practical experience, I had a lot of fun and under the mentorship of both instructors we all created nice and several promising dead wood solutions on our trees.

Matejs great end result (unfortunately the wood was still wet while taking the photo)

Detail on Janezs Mugo

Niks Taxus after two days

Tomazs Taxus

I worked on a Pinus Mugo with lots of uninteresting, flat and long branches. After two days of work on the tree I’m very satisfied with the progress, but still over time the natural effects will add the final finishing touch. So the deadwood is again not completely finished. :)

The dead branches on my Mugo before the session
...after the session

..after the session

..after the session

..after the session

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