Friday, March 22, 2013

Workshop with Enrico Savini

I wish there would be more days like this. Days where knowledge, good will and positive energy come together in the form of one creative group of individuals. Tomaž and I went to Italy for two days to attend a workshop with Enrico Savini and while having interesting debates and intense work, this two day passed in a blink of an eye.

Enrico Savini working on a Juniperus from his
student from 

Tomaž worked on his Taxus

Nice and very positive working environment

But despite the feeling that time passed in a blink of an eye some things will last for a long time. Lots of new knowledge, new experience and a great feeling will stay for a long time. Next to all this a new Juniper went home with me and became part of my collection.

New Juniperus ready to go home

Some detail of the great natural deadwood

I was extremely looking forward to finally take my Juniper home with me but the key purpose of the visit was to work on trees and above all learning. This time I worked on quite unusual Prunus Mahaleb, which became his first styling. The focus of the first styling was designing the dead wood, branch selection and basic positioning of the primary branches.

Prunus Mahaleb yamadori starting material

Deadwood after the styling

Prunus Mahaleb before and after the first styling

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