Monday, January 21, 2013

Noelanders Trophy 2013

One of the greatest bonsai events in Europe, the Noelanders Trophy is behind us and I’m full of new impressions which I have to process first. But the most important things don’t need to be processed, you can simply feel them. To keep it simple my first thoughts are: "It was great to meet bonsai friends from all over the world, feel the good atmosphere and of course enjoy the great trees".

Noelanders Trophy 2013 Winner - Picea Jezonesis by Luis Balino

NT 2013 best deciduous bonsai - Fagus Crenata by Luis Vallejo

NT 2013  Nomination - Pinus Sylvestris by Mariano Aisa

NT 2013 Nomination - Olea Europea Sylvestris
by Garcia Fernandes Erasmo
NT 2013 Nomination - Shohin composition by Mark and Ritta Cooper

NT 2013 Nomination - Acer Palmatum by Udo Fischer

NT 2013 Nomination - Pinus Pentaphylla by Pedro Paes Mamede

NT 2013 Nomination - Pinus Pentaphylla by Luis Vallejo

NT 2013 Nomination -  Shohin composition by Nancy Vaele

Pinus Sylvestris - Mauro Stemberger

Prunus Mume - Andreas Roth

Larix Decidua - Martin Nielsen

Ulmus Parvifolia - Bill Gordon

Pseudocydonia Sinesi - Frederic Chenal

Juniperus Sabina - Luis Vila

Pinus Sylvestris - Milan Karpisek

Pinus Parviflora - Sandor Papp

Cryptomeria Japonica - Alexandre Escudero

Prunus Spinosa - Tony Tickle

Acer Palmatum Deshojo - Mike Rose

Junipeus Chinesis - Sian Lim

Acer Palmatum Kashima - Peter Tombs

Pinus Mugo - Andre Dorfinger

Juniperus Chinesis Itoigawa - David Yarranton

Acer Palmatum - Walter Pall

Crataegus Monogyna - Tony Tickle

Juniperus Chinesis Itoigawa - Mauro Stemberger

Pinus Sylvestris - Walter Pall

Juniperus Procumbens - Christian Vos

Punica Granatum - Frederic Chenal

Larix Decidua - Hans van Meer

Pinus Mugo - Jorge Campos

Pinus Parviflora - Marc Bauwens

Pinus Sylvestris - David Benavente

Juniperus Sabina - Andrea Melloni

Juniperus Sabina - Vila Gonzalez Luis

Pinus Uncinata - Vaclav Novak

Juniperus Chinesis - Saverio Noviello

Pinus Sylvestris - Alex Gomez Lopez

Carpinus Koreana - Marek Gajda

Betula Pendula - Hermann Haas

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